Lys Blanc

Lys Blanc – the white lily – is a service from women for women. Lys Blanc enhances her customers life with healthy food, spiritual meditations and one-on-one talks.
Together with our client, we developed a light and feminine design to fit the approach for her work. Lys Blanc’s service is about clarity and deeper understanding of the self.


We had the pleasure to develop a whole new concept for the brand of Lys Blanc including her website and print products. She supports women in every age and life situation, so we worked on realizing an emotional product to adress her target group. Starting with reworking her logo we tried to maintain the pattern of her lily and simplified it. From there we collected ideas and moods for her website with the idea to give a clear overview with a calming effect on her female viewers. Having developed the overall feel for Lys Blanc’s visual presence, we then designed print products such as her business cards, a trifold brochure with an overview of her offers and a print to advertise her business.


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