Various Illustrations

Various Illustrations

A picture says more than thousand words. We truly believe this. And that is the reason why we love Illustration so much; it can give a project the missing feel and look, that puts the cherry on top of it. We do Illustrations both analog by hand or digital on our computer.

official T-Shirt Design for the Room 1 Ep of Drahthaus, 
an electronic Music band from Vienna, Austria. 2016.

we are proud that this Illustration got selected for
an artshow for T.Raumschiff Gallery in Graz, Austria.
The illustration is inspired by wild party nights in the
city and the wish for escapism. 2016.

promotional Illustration for the MIK party series, 
celebrating their third birthday. 2017.

Limited edition Screenprint. This illustration
reflects a troubled, stressed-out mind. 2016.

Frontpage for a non-existing magazine. Main
theme was the all known creative blockade. 2015.

We got asked to do a couple of line-art icon
for a Foodcategories-cooking app.
We tried to keep it simple while still giving the
icons their own, recognizable character. 2016.

Illustration & animation for a social media post
by Rita bringt’s, customized for a christmas special offer.

we also do customized illustrations and
animations for our clients. this one is a welcome-
post for a new coworker at Instant Design. 2016.

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